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Who is the KBA

Who is the KBA

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Citizens National Bank has used IPI’s retail investment services for approximately three years. As the bank’s Financial Consultant, I have enjoyed working with IPI to provide the retail investment products that meet the needs of our customers. IPI has helped us to retain and attract customers, while generating non-interest income. I highly recommend IPI to other community banks” 

Betty Bradshaw, Financial Consultant
Citizens National Investment Services, Lebanon, KY

Commercial Bank’s decision to sponsor EverFi for financial literacy in our local high school has been a great way to kick off the new school year! It gives our bank the opportunity to provide the financial education our young people need before going to college or starting a career. Focusing on our community is the key – EverFi is a great solution!” 

Hank Allen, President/CEO
Commercial Bank, West Liberty

We are excited about the opportunity to provide financial literacy education to our local middle school and high school students through EverFi’s web-based financial literacy platforms. EverFi’s digital learning courses are perfect for today’s “digital generation.” This is another way our bank can support our community and improve the educational opportunities in our schools!”

Wade Berry, President/CEO
Farmers Bank & Trust Company, Marion

After signing up for a 48-hour trial period with Compliance Alliance, the online tools and resources are excellent, and the bank is now officially a member of Compliance Alliance. I highly recommend Compliance Alliance to other banks.” 

Jerry Blevins, Executive Vice President
First Captial Bank of Kentucky, Louisville

After participating in a live demonstration of Compliance Alliance, it was exciting to see the numerous tools and resources provided by Compliance Alliance, in addition to their toll-free hotline. Compliance Alliance is providing the solutions we need to support the ever-increasing compliance and regulatory requirements at Planters Bank. I highly recommend Compliance Alliance for all banks!”

LuAnn Fries, AVP Compliance/Internal Audit
Planters Bank, Hopkinsville

APR has been great to deal with. They provide excellent customer service, and are always quick to get back with me if I have a question. APR web makes it easy to keep track of the accounts we have in collection, and I love that I can access it from anywhere. It’s nice to know that I have professionals working on those particularly difficult accounts, so that I can focus my attention elsewhere.”

Thomas Richards, Assistant VP
Owingsville Banking Co.

We have used Banker’s Dashboard for over five years. With the daily downloads from our data processor, the greatest advantage of Banker’s Dashboard is being able to drill down into all three bank’s financials from anywhere at any time. The online reports are an excellent resource, and the service is reasonably priced. Banker’s Dashboard is a tremendous tool for community banks!”

Shawn Garrison, EVP/CFO
Middlefork Financial Group Hyden

Profit Resources, Inc. conducted an assessment with our bank in November 2013. All of their employees were excellent. The key for them, and the bank client as well, is their initial review. Both sides get a feel for the other and they can see if there is a good fit for the consulting they provide. We were pleased to get a reaffirmation of the quality of the staff we now have in place. I would recommend their services to other banks. They know their business!”

Mark D. Strother, President/CEO
The Commercial Bank of Grayson

SDGblue provided the expertise and customer service that we needed in preparing for our regulatory examination. SDGblue has helped make the bank a more secure institution for our employees and customers! I highly recommend SDGblue to other banks."

Sonya Grove, Senior Vice President/Chief Operations Officer
Hometown Bank, Corbin

Streamline Payments is providing exceptional customer service to our business customers, which is extremely important for the success of our merchant processing program. Streamline Payments is also providing excellent support to the bank to grow our merchant processing business in the markets that we serve. We are glad to have Streamline Payments as our merchant processing partner!"

Andy Baker, EVP / COO
Traditional Bank, Mt. Sterling

We recently made the decision to convert our check program to Deluxe because of their customer service and expertise demonstrated throughout the sales process. Even though there is cheaper pricing out there Deluxe made us feel comfortable with their conversion process and their ability to integrate with our platform provider. So far we are very happy with the Deluxe team. Thanks KBA”.

Cheryl Hartsell, VP Operations
First Community Bank of Western Kentucky

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  • Senator Shelby's Bill Moves from Committee

    May 21, 2015

    Just moments ago, the Senate Banking Committee approved on a 12-10 (party-line) vote the "Financial Regulatory Improvement Act," introduced by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-AL). It is now eligible for consideration on the Senate floor.

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  • FSOC Releases 2015 Annual Report

    May 21, 2015

    The report includes findings and recommendations regarding issues that are harming or which could assist in the security of the financial sector. The report is worth at least a cursory review, as it contains "best practices," recommendations for regulatory actions and economic information.

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  • OCC Newsletter Focuses on Financing Small Multifamily Rental Properties

    May 21, 2015

    This issue describes what the small multifamily rental housing market looks like, some of the challenges the market faces, and the range of ways that banks and federal savings associations are active players in the market.

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  • U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Grants Virtual StrongBox Exclusive Rights

    May 12, 2015

    That’s big news, given the growing epidemic of data breaches. With glaring headlines everyday about cyber criminals stealing millions of victims’ personally identifiable information (PII), Company President/CEO Ron Daly says he was tired of hearing about one compromised system after another.

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  • New Domain .bank (dotbank)

    March 23, 2015

    More top level domains (TLD's) are popping up as the internet gets bigger and more complex. The most common are, of course, .com, .edu and .org.

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  • FED Resources

    October 16, 2014

    In the event that you miss one of the FED webinars, please remember that they post the presentations and materials on their website.

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  • MasterCard Liability Shift

    September 25, 2014

    It appears that MasterCard is the first to adopt revised liability rules as a result of increased card fraud.

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  • KBA Endorses Profit Resources Inc.

    July 02, 2014

    The KBA is excited to announce our endorsement of Profit Resources, Inc. (PRI) for consulting services to improve efficiency and profitability at your institution. PRI was chosen by the KBA for their level of expertise to help our members reduce expenses and increase income to best serve your customers, employees and shareholders.

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  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits--OCC Report March 2014

    March 15, 2014

    The report summarizes how the low income housing tax credit program works and why banks may want to participate.

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  • Opportunities for Commercial Lending

    March 14, 2013

    An opportunity to keep in mind if you are presented with a loan application for a project in downtown Louisville which may need some additional financing in order to make it work.

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