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Business & Personal Tax Return Analysis Seminar - August 23

Methodologies used in analyzing business and tax returns and global cash flow for different types of individual and business entity returns, book-to-tax adjustments and the analysis of K1 schedules and distributions.

Bank Marketing Conference - August 29

Take a deep dive into digital marketing; discuss how social media communication and disclosure impacts your job; learn a practical approach for how you can begin designing and reacting to your customer interactions; hear why a community banker should feed the media.

Mortgage Lending School - November 6 - 10

The comprehensive course consists of three modules: Origination, Processing, and Underwriting. This school emphasizes the roles of originator, processor, and underwriters as a loan application follows each stage. The course will provide a foundation in origination, processing, and underwriting.

KBA Education Solutions offering ABA Online Training

How can you train 25 employees a year for only $170 per employee? Oh, not just one course - but for all the courses in the Banking Foundations catalog of training!