Does the LOG IN link for appear to be unresponsive? has LOG IN Issues with Internet Explorer 10 and 11. Here's how to fix that. If your default browser is IE10 or 11, you need to set your browser to run in compatibility mode.

Follow step-by-step below, OR click the image to the right to watch a 14 second video that will guide you through the update.
  • With Internet Explorer open, click the “Tools” icon. It's the gear looking icon, far upper right corner of your browser windows. Pictured here in blue
  • From the Tools menu select “Compatibility View Settings”. The Compatibility View Settings window will be shown (pictured here to the right).
  • In the “Add this website” box, “” listed. Click add, then close the window.
  • Close Internet Explorer.
  • Reopen Internet Explorer and click login.

We are not seeing issues with LOG IN in Google Chrome or Mozilla's Firefox. So that is another alternative. If you need help, or experiencing any other issues with our site please call 502.736.1294.