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We have joined forces to bring KBA members the best insurance and financial products available. By working with the KBA and Investors Heritage you will gain access to the most comprehensive portfolio of insurance and financial services available. You will also have the opportunity to participate in our credit life insurance captive reinsurance company. This gives your bank the ability to earn dividends, in additional to commissions.

We invite you to join us in offering our products and services to your customers.

KenBanc Reinsurance Captive KenBanc Reinsurance Company is a credit life captive re-insurer formed by KBA. You may participate by offering our credit life plans on an exclusive basis.

KenBanc Re Advantages:

  • Creates the potential for your bank to earn dividends when you underwrite quality business.
  • Ownership of stock.
  • The ability to overcome any predatory lending regulations that may limit or cap commissions in the future.
  • You will benefit from meeting with one of our professional representatives who can show you how to become part of our expanding programs.

KBA and Investors Heritage have served the banking community for over 150 years in Kentucky. We are here to stay! Our goal is to help you make additional "non-fee" income.

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