State Legislation

We have just completed the first week of the 2016 “long” session. While a good number of bills have been introduced, it is too early to know which will move. Check back every week for an update on bills impacting our industry.

H.B.65 Credit Freezes065
H.B.74 Disabled Persons074
H.B.119 Credit Freezes119
H.B.130 Sales and Use Tax130
H.B.157 Consumer Credit Information157
H.B.180 Criminal History180
H.B.185 Motor Vehicle Titles185
H.B.190 Intellectual Property190
H.B.252 Premium Finance Loans252
H.B.280 Property Sales280
H.B.285 Abandoned Storage Spaces285
H.B.325 Public Documents325
H.B.335 Title Insurance335
H.B.337 Home Mortgage Interest337
H.B.345 First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit345
H.B.352 Motor Vehicle Security Interest352
H.B.361 Conveyances of Real Property361
H.B.382 Motor Vehicles382
H.B.405 Legal Tender405
H.B.442 Real Property Liens442
S.B.3 Contracts003
S.B.23 Credit Freezes023
S.B.32 Financial Literacy032
S.B.70 Disabilities070
S.B.74 Security Interests074
S.B.97 Mortgage Loans097
S.B.118 Money Transmitters118
S.B.120 Bank Officers120
S.B.122 Recording Statutes122
S.B.124 Real Property124
S.B.149 Uniform Commercial Real Estate Receivership Act149
S.B.163 Automotive Recycling163
S.B.179 Persons with Disabilities179
S.B.186 Boat Liens186