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February and March Webinars

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Supervisor Boot Camp

You don't master the art of supervision through luck, you master it with training, experience, self-learning and staying on top of best practices.

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an in-depth look at the bond portfolio and how it should be managed to compliment loan, deposit and A/L decisions that community banks make

Compliance Training

January, February, and March Live Training

Bank Security: Forensic Investigations

KBA will be offering the Bank Security Seminar: Forensic Investigations in Louisville on April 13, 2017. Presenter will be Jeff Sandy with perryforensic. He has shared email from one of his program attendees from a June 2016 program.

Preparing Your Institution & Staff for an Active-Shooter Incident

When Seconds Count… What’s Your Plan? Learn what to do during this video-enhanced webinar!

KBA Education Solutions offering ABA Online Training

How can you train 25 employees a year for only $170 per employee? Oh, not just one course - but for all the courses in the Banking Foundations catalog of training!