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5.6 million people in the U.S. plan to switch banking providers in the next 12 months. 1 Make it simple for these customers to quickly fund and move primary accounts to your bank.

You spend time and money to acquire new customers, many of whom remain inactive or attrite due to the inconvenience of moving direct deposits and recurring payments from old accounts. In fact, attrition rates of new account holders range from about 25% to 40% at most financial institutions. 2 ClickSWITCH solves this problem by empowering your account holders to quickly, safely and securely switch direct deposits and automatic payments to a new or existing account at your financial institution.

With ClickSWITCH, your customers don’t have to research bills or complete multiple forms. Customers simply log into the white label ClickSWITCH portal, where they can switch their direct deposits and automatic payments from their former financial institution to yours using a mobile device or personal computer. The process is automated, intuitive and takes just a few minutes to initiate the switch. ClickSWITCH will event provide status updates along the way. When your account holders’ complete the process, the solution can even initiate the closure of their legacy accounts at their former financial institution. Account information is transferred quickly, paving the way for a smooth and speedy transition. It’s automated, faster and easier than ever before.

ClickSWITCH makes it easy to improve engagement from your account holders and drive more deposit growth for your financial institution. ClickSWITCH is available to provide you with a demonstration of how their solution can be used at your bank!

Quickly, Securely Migrate Direct Deposits and Recurring Transactions with Automated Switching - Datasheet&bsp;Learn More»

For immediate assistance and to schedule a demonstration with ClickSWITCH, please contact me direct at (502) 736-1282 or Thank you!