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Mrs. Selina O. Parrish
Selina O. Parrish
Director of Membership
Kentucky Bankers Association
(502) 736-1282
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Brigid Ramchandran
Senior Vice President
National CD Rateline
(800) 246-0005
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National CD Rateline
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National CD Rateline is now offering KBA Members an exclusive 10% discount on their regular pricing schedule.  NCDR conducts a Rate Service which lists carefully researched statistics and up-to-the-minute rate updates so that subscribers can deal directly with financial institutions regarding federally insured CDs (up to $250,000 per account) in the National Market.  NCDR provides an online advertising service that enables buyers and sellers to deal directly with one another.  There are no time- and money- consuming intermediaries.  NCDR clients do not pay a commission or per-transaction fee.  Each trade is a direct deposit and relationship between buyer and seller.

According to NCDR President, Brian Amundsen, financial institution regulators have typically frowned upon third party broker transactions (hot money) because of their high cost and volatility. Typically, they leave you with little control of your deposits upon maturity.  NCDR prevents any such third party control of deposits. 

NCDR's system delivers direct access to a captive audience trading daily in the national markets.  Depositories set and update their rates directly on the system.  Investors deal directly with institutions from the initial investment through maturity and rollover.  At any given moment, all the information you need to evaluate each financial institution is at your fingertips on the NCDR system. 

No easier system is available today to provide the time sensitive data you need more quickly or accurately.  National CD Rateline is the preeminently smart choice for those seeking to save time and money in today's marketplace.   

Take advantage of this special offer to use streamlined ease of NCDR's internet buy/sell transactions that are among the fastest, most compatible, most flexible, most user-friendly, and least dictatorial in the business!  Time is money!  In the funding and investing marketplace, as in no other sector of today's economy, timing is crucial to the rate of which your business fortunes appreciate!  Let NCDR help you capitalize on this phenomenon, by making time to put your money to work for you!
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First Community Bank of the Heartland, Inc.

"We have been using National CD Rateline for about a year. We have been very happy with them. At present, we have about 30% of our national market deposits with them. Their web interface is very easy to manage. I would recommend National CD Rateline as a source of national market deposits."

Mr. Timothy A. Goodin
First Community Bank of the Heartland, Inc., Kevil, KY