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Ms. Lisa Lyman
Lisa Lyman
VP, Correspondent Banking Officer
United Bankers' Bank
(859) 408-5243
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United Bankers' Bank
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United Bankers' Bank (UBB), the nation's first bankers' bank, was founded on a shared idea. A need for a correspondent bank owned and managed by community banks to keep the best interest of community banking at heart. Now, more than 4 decades later, the banking industry has drastically changed. But that underlying principle remains at UBB. Community banking is always at the forefront of every product and service we offer and relationship we develop.

Since the beginning, UBB has found new ways to grow its product offering past the "core" products. Our operations includes International Payments and the Peer to Peer Payment Service, ExcheQ. UBB also provides consulting services, so our customers can focus on what's most important - their customers. From human resources to compliance to identity theft, we provide ways to help community banking continue to thrive.

UBB knows every bank is different and encourages relationships through in-person visits. Our Correspondent Banking Officers listen to the customer's needs before making individualized suggestions.

As the banking industry changes, we know where our loyalties remain. That is why we exist according to the principle that our success is being First For Your Success.