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KBA Endorsed Vendor & Associate Member

Bancography provides consulting services, software tools and marketing research to financial institutions to support their branch, product and brand positioning strategies. For the branch network, Bancography offers custom network optimization services in addition to Bancography Plan, our market analysis and branch planning software tool. In support of our clients’ existing networks, Bancography performs primary marketing research to measure market and brand awareness, onboarding, satisfaction, and attrition factors and provides product and profitability assessments. To help institutions position themselves in the marketplace, our brand strategy service creates names, logos, identities and brand positions that distinctly reflect each institution's product and service proposition.

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Peoples Bank of Kentucky, Inc.

"Bancography completed a project for us that provided the bank information for future endeavors. The staff at Bancography were responsive to our needs and timely in submitting their analysis back to the bank. We are pleased with the outcome and recommend Bancography to other KBA members."

Mr. Tony R. Kinder
Peoples Bank of Kentucky, Inc., Flemingsburg, KY