127th Kentucky Bankers Association Convention

Thanks to all that attended the 127th KBA Convention. Thank you to our Sponsors! 
See you in WV 2019!

About the Speaker(s)

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Dr. Lacy Hunt
Lacy Hunt
Hoisington Investment Management Company
Dr. Sean Payant
Sean Payant
Mr. Ballard W. Cassady, Jr.
Ballard Cassady
Kentucky Bankers Association
Mr. Chad  McKeithen
Chad McKeithen
Duncan-Williams, Inc.
Mr. David M. Bowling
David Bowling
Citizens Union
Mr. John P. Cooper
John Cooper
Capital Link Consultants
Mr. John T. McGarvey, Esq.
John McGarvey
Morgan Pottinger McGarvey
Mr. Kamal Hosein
Kamal Hosein
Stifel Financial
Mr. Kevin O'Sullivan
Kevin O'Sullivan
Crowe LLP
Mr. Matt Kennedy
Matt Kennedy
Banks Street Partners
Mr. Timothy E. Barnes
Timothy Barnes
Hometown Bank of Corbin, Inc.
Mr. Wayne A. Abernathy
Wayne Abernathy
American Bankers Association
Rep. Andrew Barr
Andrew Barr
United States House of Representatives

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