Message from the KBA

See you at The Greenbrier!


It’s hard to say anything about 2020 that doesn’t seem like an understatement. That’s especially true when I try to describe how crucial Kentucky’s community banks have been during this unprecedented pandemic. We have been moved by your resourcefulness and your perseverance.

But, now it’s time to take a deep breath. We can all use a couple mental health days. Let’s take that deep breath at The Greenbrier next month where we will be hosting our 129th Annual Convention from September 20-22. 


After weeks of daily talks with The Greenbrier officials, our staff sees The Greenbrier as uniquely equipped to keep its guests safe. We are confident because of factors like these:

1. West Virginia’s positivity rate for Covid-19 testing is less than 3%, one of the nation’s lowest.

2. The resort is spacious for ease of social distancing.

3. We capped the event at 230 attendees to ensure safe distancing during meetings.

4. The KBA and The Greenbrier staffs will communicate clear protocols, following CDC safety measures, to all attendees with up-to-date guidelines on safe practices. 


Throughout these months of being buffeted from all sides, we’ve been reminded of how much we need each other in times of true crisis. Unity makes the difference. This 2020 KBA Convention is our chance to honor that. Check for ongoing updates, and be sure to watch your inbox for KBA Convention announcements. 

Until then, I can’t thank you enough for allowing us to serve you. Your hard work during this time has been an inspiration to your KBA staff. We will celebrate every face-to-face opportunity to say congratulations, to hear all the war stories, to ask you what you need from us as we prepare for the year to come.   

I look forward to seeing you in September at The Greenbrier.


President & Chief Executive Officer

o 502-582-2453
c 502-939-2660