Kentucky Banker Spotlight

Tony Kinder

Tony Kinder
President & CEO
Peoples Bank of Kentucky

How are you, your bank employees and your community coping during the COVID-19 outbreak?
The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented situation that all Americans are learning to cope with. We are all trying to find our “new normal”. Our bank employees as well as the communities in which we serve have really rallied together during this time of uncertainty. Our bank employees have been asked to change their routines, schedules, and adapt to new policies and procedures to keep our staff and customers safe. Some are alternating weeks with their coworkers, and others have been relocated to other bank branches. Regardless of what has been asked of them, they have rose to this challenge willingly and selflessly. Along with our great staff, our customers and community as a whole have truly stepped up not only to support and keep their trust in us as their hometown bank, but also to support all of our small businesses by continuing to shop local, social distance as required and donate supplies as needed. We are truly a blessed bank, community and state.

How are your customers and small businesses adjusting to these challenging times?
With the days ahead being so uncertain, our community has really had to rely on each other and find ways to support one another while isolating ourselves. Within the bank, we have had to ask our customers to adapt to new bank procedures which involve little to no human interaction. Being a small community bank, that is asking a lot of our customers that love to interact with our bank employees face-to-face. However, our customers have adapted and supported us in whatever we have asked of them. From, closed lobbies to being asked to rely more heavily on online banking, our customers have really come through. In the small communities in which we serve, we have unfortunately had to see schools, daycares, as well as many of our small businesses temporarily close, or find alternate ways or conducting business. We have seen local restaurants switch to curbside service, attorney offices doing business through windows or outside, church services moving to online or drive-in, retail shops moving their business to live online sales and essential retail businesses adding extra barriers and social distancing to protect their employees and customers. Peoples Bank of KY will always continue to support our community however we can.

What kinds of support and programs are you providing to these customers?
We truly value our customers and local businesses and will continue to support them through these challenging times and long after this virus has left. Our customers and their support are what keep us going, and what makes us continue to work hard to help and support them in whatever ways we can. Whether it be through providing loans, providing banking assistance through phone or email, or making special appointments with customers to meet their specific needs, we are always there for our customers and our communities.

What has the coronavirus crisis taught you so far?
Something we can take away from the challenges this virus has caused, is that while we can prepare for possible disasters and have plans in place, we can never know the hard decisions we will have to make until put to the test. This virus took the whole world by surprise and we have all had to adapt and adjust to what we thought we knew about how our businesses needed to operate. We personally have had to change procedures that have been in place for years, but through change we have learned that we can change and still serve our customers with all their banking needs. I think through this we have learned a lot about ourselves and our abilities to adapt to new situations. Peoples Bank of Ky, even separated, is a family and we will all get through this together.