Advanced Agricultural Virtual Credit Conference

As margins of agricultural producers get tighter, making sure that lenders and farmers are prepared is crucial for continued success. We are in the midst of a transition period to lower commodity prices, increased international competition for our commodities, and higher volatility. As a result, farmers have a variety of options to manage the risks they face. Hear from experts about the agricultural economy, commodity outlook, risk management strate- gies, farm bankruptcies, Farm ServiceAgency, and much more.

This conference is designed to help attendees prepare for the 2020-2021 loan renewal season. The decisions producers make are based on commodity, livestock, and economic outlooks. David Widmar will get the conference started with his view on the essentials to managing risks in the current farm economy. The first day also includes sessions on commodity outlook, updates to the farmbill, and risk management strategies and tools that can help manage cash flow.

In the morning of the second day, we change topics slightly as we focus on some of the current implications from the COVID-19 pandemic on agriculture. We start with how the economy as a whole is shaping agriculture, then transition to a presentation on how the agricultural supply chain. Next, Jayson Lusk, who has been featured in outlets such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and has made TV appearances on Fox and Friends, the John Stossel Show, Varney & Co., and the Wall Street Journal Live, will present his research on how consumer demand will shape agriculture over the next year. Day two ends with a talk on agricultural policy and a round table discussion that will bring everything discussed in the conference together for practical applications.


9/2/2020 - 9/3/2020
Virtual Program

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