Technology Conference Virtual Series

Technology Conference Virtual Series
Virtual Series 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. ET. Delivery platform is Zoom, plan to join us via your laptop or phone. You will receive a link to join the events the afternoon prior to each scheduled session. Video is NOT required.

November 10, 2020 • Sponsored by Box Lake

10:00 AM • 12:00 PM Andrew Short, Sophos

Current Threat Landscape and the Trickbot Banking Trojan

Through customers, incident response, and Sophos Labs, Sophos observes and catalogs the latest cyber-attacks. Attacks evolve daily, becoming more difficult to identify and stop. Those attacks may also implant the Trickbot Trojan software that will steal your passwords, account numbers, among other things. Hear how this can happen, and how you can prevent it!

November 12, 2020

10:00 AM Patrick Dix, VP-Strategic Alliances, SHAZAM

The Weaponization of Technology: Why Your Payments Program is at Risk

Payments technology is quickly evolving, but who’s controlling the latest changes to the way you pay, and how is that changing the competitive landscape of payments in the United States? Proprietary technology is eroding the highly competitive marketplace and discouraging new and innovative solutions. Learn what needs to change to ensure competition and innovation flourish as technology evolves.

11:00 AM

NCino speaker

November 17, 2020 • Sponsored by Dean Dorton

10:00 AM Gui Cozzi, Michael Gilliam and Corey Shell, Dean Dorton

“I Had a Finding from the IT Auditor”

Have you ever had a finding from an IT auditor? Shouldn’t I be covered by my IT security testing already? Do you know what to do if you have had one or what your first steps should be if you do ever receive one? We will walk through real-life scenarios of findings, what findings mean, and what your next steps should be for remediation and compliance purposes so your bank can keep on track without any major glitches.

11:00 AM Gui Cozzi, Michael Gilliam and Corey Shell, Dean Dorton

“Cybersecurity: Continuous Testing vs. Once a Year Assessment”

Cybersecurity is continuously changing so what is the best method to keep up with changes and regulations in order to stay compliant? We will take a deep-dive into what continuous assessment means and covers versus a more typical once-a-year assessment and the pros/cons to both these scenarios.

November 19, 2020 • Sponsored by Unified Technologies

10:00 AM • 12:00 PM

Topics TBD


11/10/2020 - 11/19/2020
Virtual Event
You Will Receive A Link To Join the Events
The Afternoon Prior To Each Scheduled Session

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