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KBA Education Solutions offering ABA Online Training

How can you train 25 employees a year for only $170 per employee? Oh, not just one course - but for all the courses in the Banking Foundations catalog of training!

Training For Loan Assistants Seminar - Louisville - February 12

Attend this proactive seminar and learn how banks make lending decisions based on the five (5) C's of credit- capacity, capital, collateral, conditions, and character!

Training Credit Analyst Seminar - Louisville - February 13

This seminar covers the basics of commercial lending and is a must for all new commercial lenders and/or those individuals who want to explore this vital discipline!

Compliance Forum - Louisville - April.

Join us for our second quarterly Compliance forum. Watch our website for the date and details.

Consumer & Commercial Loan Documentation Seminar - Louisville - April 14 & 15

The purpose of this two-day program is to provide bankers with a thorough understanding of both consumer and commercial loans. The entire loan documentation process will be discussed from initial application and underwriting to loan closing and through repayment. The program will also identify regulatory compliance issues that impact both consumer and small business loans.

Real Estate Evaluations 101: Supporting the Value - Louisville - April 9

This full day program will focus on the key points that banks need to be aware of relating to writing their own real estate evaluations to ensure they are written in compliance with the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines.

KBA/ProBank Austin Regulatory Compliance School - Louisville - March 9 - 13

Come and learn from our professional experts and nationally-recognized presenters on the regulatory compliance requirements you need to know. Learn about trending topics that are relevant to you, including deposit issues, overdrafts, UDAAP, BSA Customer Due Diligence/Beneficial Ownership, E-Sign Rules, Compliance Risk Management, TRID, HMDA and much more!

Consumer Lending School - 4 Day Program - March 16 - 19 - Louisville

This school introduces the consumer lending process from the initial application to closing and documentation.