COVID-19 Topics
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Crisis Management & CASH: COVID-19 and Future Pandemic Planning (On Demand)

This webinar hosted by LogicaPath and Looms will reviewed updated guidelines and how it relates to the Cash Supply Chain

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) (2020) (On Demand)

This webinar will answer key questions regarding the PPP eligibility, terms, applications and other related topics.

The Role of the Branch Network In and After the Pandemic (On-Demand)

This briefing examines the role of the branch network, identify how to most effectively serve your communities, and outline tactics to maximize efficiently and profitably post-crisis, including possible reconfiguration of branches and reallocation of front-line staff.

ask the Fed

Ask the Fed® consists of periodic conference call / webinars that feature Fed experts and guest speakers on top banking questions of the day, with time at the end for questions and comments.

Reopening Your Branches: Protocols (ON-DEMAND)

Join Associate General Counsel Elizabeth K. Madlem as she discusses the course of action financial institutions should be taking when reopening your branches, including procedure development, escalation planning, knowing-your-customer protocols, cleaning schedules and more.

Jump Starting Your Mortgage Business June 25 @ 2 PM ET

Today’s mortgage environment demands digital product delivery, flexible staffing and increased efficiency. During this webinar, panelists will discuss innovative strategies for transforming your mortgage business to meet evolving expectations while remaining nimble, maintaining a good product mix, and reducing origination costs.

Navigating the Security Risks of Rapidly Going Remote (On Demand)

Key Objectives: Identify risks of rapidly deploying a mobile workforce; the risks we bring upon ourselves; risks created by cyber criminals; safeguards and security controls to reduce risk

Fair Lending & COVID-19: Strategies for Maintaining Fair Lending Compliance (On Demand).

Unfortunately, our webinar platform experienced some audio issues during the webinar. We have a recording available. We hope you gain some valuable insights on fair lending compliance from it.
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Every Basis Point Matters: How a seasoned CFO finds NIM in crazy times (On Demand)

If the Great Recession taught CFOs anything, it’s that every bp matters when it comes to finding NIM. The same is true today as we navigate through the COVID-19 Recession.

“NIM has to be a daily priority,” says Tim Goodin, CFO, First Community Bank of the Heartland, Inc. “Each morning, I analyze the previous day’s margin data and then start making decisions.”
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COVID-19 Crisis Management Roundtable (On Demand)

Discussion covering: Fraud and Financial Crime Threats During the Crisis; Connecting Digitally with Financial Institution Customers; Cybersecurity and Securing Remote Workforces; Business Continuity and Strategic Planning
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COVID-19 Discount Advance Programs (On Demand)

This webinar will explain the new RISE program - how to apply, acceptable uses and more. This program provides $2 billion six-month Advances at zero percent interest for COVID-19 related assistance. Changes to the CIP and EDP will also be discussed.
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Enabling Customer Service in Today's Work From Home Environment
(On Demand)

Learn how to use modern Virtual Customer Service technology IMMEDIATELY to enable work from home staff to support customers as effectively as a premise-based contact center
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Remote Work & COVID-19: Keep Your Company Secure (On Demand)

A discussion of best practices for safe and secure remote working along with practical advice on how to protect your cybersecurity health while looking after your staff’s physical health.
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Lending Forum (On Demand)

Profit Resources Inc. is hosted lending forum for Kentucky bankers to discuss current challenges in the lending environment. PRI's Ty Glenham lead a Q&A and answered questions and facilitating discussion around lending and/or credit.
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Business Continunity with a remote workforce (On Demand)

How can you continue to provide a great customer experience and how can you stay connected with your team?
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CashPlease® – Consumer Cash in a Crisis (On Demand)

This webinar discusses Velocity's small-dollar, short-term loan program that allows banks to provide their account holders with easy access to cash at affordable interest rates.
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Thriving from Home (On Demand)

Ways to Improve, enhance and measure
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