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KBA visits Washington DC to meet with Legislators

On May 22-23 KBA President and CEO Ballard Cassady and KBA Chairman Tim Barnes took a group representing Kentucky banking to our nation’s capital.

Pictured: Representatives of the KBA in Washington D.C. who are monitoring the historic vote on S.2155, the bank regulation relief bill.

Pictured: Comptroller Otting (OCC) speaking to KBA bankers during a lunch meeting on May 22, 2018.

Pictured: A group of KBA members met with Senator Rand Paul in Washington D.C. on Wednesday May 23, 2018 to discuss issues impacting the financial industry in Kentucky.

Pictured: Senator Mitch McConnell talking to a delegation of KBA members on the day after S.2155 passed; the bill provides significant relief for Kentucky’s community banks. The KBA group expresses their thanks for the Majority Senator’s help on this legislation.

Pictured: Current KBA Chairman, Tim Barnes (President and CEO of Hometown Bank), congratulates Senator Mitch McConnell on the recent passage of S.2155 providing regulatory relief for community banks.