Government Relations Call To Action


House Bill 175 came out of committee yesterday and is heading to the House Floor.  This is a bill that we MUST STOP.  We need you to contact each member of the House and express your OPPOSITION to the bill.

At first glance, this bill appears to be a bill in support of firearms rights.  BUT, for the perspective of financial institutions it is much more than that ... it is an attempt to tell us who we MUST do business with regardless of their credit worthiness.

HB175 makes it a "DISCRIMINATORY PRACTICE" for financial institutions to refuse to do business with or terminate a business relationship with any business relating to firearms or ammunition. There is one caveat that says you can terminate or refuse service "DUE TO A DIRECTIVE BY A REGULATOR."

If you are found to violate this law, the firearms business or the ATTORNEY GENERAL may bring a action against the bank AND the Attorney General MUST recommend to the Governor that no state business be done with that bank.

Our position on HB175 has nothing to do with is based upon our obligation to do banking business in accordance with the rules of safety and soundness and compliance with state and federal laws and regulations!

You can find all House members, with contacts here.


Your KBA Legislative Team