Government Relations Call To Action

House Bill 175-URGENT

I hope that you saw our CTA this morning on HB 175. You may have also received a call or additional emails from us.
We need your help with key leaders in the House.  
Please call any of the following Representatives that you know:
Representative Osbourne
Representative Meade
Representative Rudy
Representative Miles
Representative McCoy
Representative Massey
Representative Nemes
Representative Rowland
Talking Points:
  • Our concerns are not about guns.  Our concerns are about state legislation that mandates relationships between two private industries.
  • The bill provides a new scope of “anti-discrimination” laws and would be the first law, if passed that provides an industry, rather than a class of people, with protection from discrimination—opening the potential for even more attempted government oversight on private business.
  • While the bill has vague language allowing banks to refuse services to gun and ammo businesses for “business purposes” or at the direction of the regulator, both would subject a bank to be subject to the whim of a court to rule on whether either apply.  And, there are some business reasons that we cannot even disclose—such as SAR filings.
  • This will draw unscrupulous “businesses” from other states to Kentucky to seek banking services that may not be provided in their state of origin.
  • Financial institutions are targeted in this bill—it seems that the discrimination starts with us.
We cannot accept this first step in unreasonable oversight by the public, through the use of unconstitutional laws, to choke the survival of Kentucky banks by subjecting them to unsafe and unsound banking practices.


Your KBA Legislative Team
Ballard, Debra and John