Government Relations Update from KBA

Thank You for Your Legislative Efforts!!

YOU showed your power during this session--your power to both advocate for good bills (SB5) and against bad bills (HB175).

Senate Bill 5 is, in our opinion, one of the most important and necessary bills to pass during these uncertain times...and passed just under the wire on March 30, 2021.  SB5 protects businesses, both large and small, from COVID-19 liability claims, if that business is follows orders and guidelines declared by the Governor, the President, and state and federal agencies.  The bill further provides that essential service providers "shall not be liable for any COVID-19 claim" and makes it clear that financial institutions are essential service providers. There are sure to be lawsuits challenging this bill, but they will be faced with a steep climb.  Your contact with members of the General Assembly got us the successful contacts needed to pass this bill and we recognize that and thank you.

House Bill 175 was presented to legislators as a Second Amendment Rights bill, which was initially overwhelmingly supported in a state with a strong and respectable history of responsible gun use.  But, when you took to the phones and emails to reach out to the General Assembly and explained the dangerous precedent set by advocating with whom and how banks must do business, they got it!  This bill is being introduced across the country and even federally, but Kentucky banks can be proud that they stopped it in its tracks here in Kentucky!

We will provide detailed information on the final outcome of all bills passed, and some that failed, during Group Meetings.  Please plan to attend these meetings, which we are scheduling to be in person, so that we can thank you again and answer your questions!

Let us know what we can do for you.

Your KBA Legislative Team