Government Relations Update from KBA

More Legislative Work To Be Done

We will provide a full summary of the 2021 Kentucky General Assembly during Group Meeting, as we always do. Please register, if you haven't already. This year's meeting will be in person, following COVID-19 safety protocols, as required in Kentucky. 

One issue that we will discuss in detail is mandated electronic recordings with the county clerks' offices. We thought 2021 was going to be the year to get this passed and were told that the clerks were ready for it as well. But, as usual, the clerks decided that they aren't quite ready--they were able to convince legislators to set up another task force (THIS WILL BE THE THIRD ONE) to establish how and when this can be accomplished. We are working with a group of other parties interested in seeing this happen (mortgage lenders, auto dealers, etc.) to ask the Governor to allot some of the COVID relief funds to providing software needed to get the smallest county clerks offices up to date. 

We will keep you posted.

Your KBA Legislative Team