Government Relations Call To Action

Special Session Called-We need your help!!!


Governor Beshear has called a special session to start today at 10AM. Among other things, the Governor is specifically calling this session as an opportunity for the General Assembly to extend the pandemic “state of emergency” until January 15, 2022.  This is important because after legislation passed this year, the Governor no longer has the authority to call extended states of emergency. It is even more important to business in Kentucky because the COVID-19 liability safe-harbor provided to businesses by SB5 (KRS 39A.275) only applies during a state of emergency.

Please contact your Senator and Representative in the General Assembly and urge them to extend the state of emergency. (You can find your legislators and their contact information HERE.) This is very important to banks and all businesses in Kentucky as it protects your bank and certain other businesses from liability for COVID related claims, so long as governmental orders and guidelines are being followed.  This protection ONLY applies during a state of emergency.