Jeans Day Fundraiser
Pick any day(s)  between now and November 30.

Deadline for submission of money is December. 

STEP 1. Select one or more days. Some banks promote a single day, multiple days, or a whole month.

STEP 2. Select a theme. Blue jeans day, flip flop and shorts day, team spirit day. It’s entirely up to you.
STEP 3. Let the KBA know that you are organizing a themed fundraiser. Complete and submit a Blue Jeans form by email .

STEP 4. Select an amount that is to be contributed by each employee who wishes to participate. We recommend $5 for a single day event. All PAC contributions are voluntary.

STEP 5. Designate a person to promote this event and sign-up employees in the bank.

STEP 6. Collect the money from each person participating.

STEP 7. Get a cashier’s check for the total amount collected, made payable to KBPAC and send to the Kentucky Bankers Association along with a list of participating individuals.

Contributions to Kentucky Bankers PAC and Kentucky Bankers Committee for State Government (each referred to as KBPAC in this disclosure) will be used in connection with state and federal elections, respectively. Contributions to KBPAC are voluntary and may not be deducted as charitable contributions. KBPAC may not accept corporate contributions. Contributions will be reported to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance and the Federal Election Commission, as required. You may decline to contribute without fear of reprisal. You may contribute more or less than the amounts suggested and you will not benefit or be disadvantaged because of the amount contributed or decision to participate at all.