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KBA's main communication method with members is e-mail. Below are the various categories of e-mail list KBA has to offer. Unlike printed materials, we can offer these to an unlimited number of employees at your institution or, if you prefer, a select few employees can enroll in these e-mailings and forward them to others in the bank.

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  • Tidbits — Friday highlights of content added to the website. Includes Legislative, Compliance, Products and Services, Education, Jobs, Book of the Week.
  • Government Relations — Includes information and Calls To Action, on an as needed basis, on developing state and federal legislation, including Ballard's weekly Legislative News of Note.
  • Compliance — Includes information, on an as appropriate basis, on developing case law, regulations, agency guidance etc.  Sign up options: Comp-All — all compliance areas. Or select one or more of the following: BSA, CRA, Deposits, IT, Lending, Security for updates related to that subject only.
  • EBits — Weekly highlights of upcoming educational opportunities such as specific dates on seminars, schools, AIB courses, telephone seminars, webinars, online courses and other training resources.
  • Magazine  - Monthly electronic version of the Kentucky Banker Magazine.
  • Meetings/Events — Includes information about meetings hosted by the KBA such as Convention, Group Meetings, Spring Conference etc.
  • Products & Services — KBA Products and Services features and endorsement announcements.
  • HR/KBA Health Benefits — includes information, on an as appropriate basis, specific to human resource and KBA Benefits participants.

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