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2020 KBA Resolutions

Resolutions Presented at the 129th Annual Convention

Virtual Hill Visits

As with our in-person Fly-In we are scheduling virtual meetings with our KY Delegates. Dates and times have not yet been confirmed but they will be during the Fly-In dates of October 5-9. They will last roughly 20 minutes. Don't miss this opportunity to get face-to-face time with those that can make things happen.

Consider Joining FOTB

The inverse of a PAC, Friends of Traditional Banking chooses two or three key races each cycle and encourages all bankers around the country to donate what they can. This month they announced support of Senators Cory Gardner (CO), Thom Tillis (NC), and Joni Ernst (IA).

Message from Ballard Cassady

I have received several phone calls for news on Congressional approval of blanket forgiveness on PPP loans of $150,000 and under. The news is mixed.

IRA Advanced Virtual Program - September 24 - Louisville

Advanced IRAs builds on the attendees' basic IRA knowledge to address some of the more complex IRA issues that their financial organizations may handle. This is an advanced session; previous IRA knowledge is assumed. The instructor uses real-world exercises to help participants apply information to job-related situations.

CyberSecurity Seminar - Virtual Program October 6 - 7 (9 AM - 12 PM ET)

This virtual program is designed to provide training on evolving cybersecurity threats and what your bank should do to build a strong Information Security Program that helps protect against these threats.
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