MACH1 is the only mobile solution that specifically targets the 35 million Americans who are self-employed as“solopreneurs” or as part-time “side-giggers,” most of whom provide services such as lawn maintenance, home cleaning, car detailing, dog walking, personal training or coaching, music lessons and more.The solution enables these micro-business owners to successfully address the two biggest challenges theyface: getting paid on time and getting more business. The highly intuitive web-based and mobile interfaces enable users to quickly create and send professional-looking bills that their customers can open using SMS text message or email before paying via ACH with just aclick. Simpler and more convenient than the leading accounting software, and far more affordable than dongle-based credit card services, this highly innovative app includes the ability to add before-and-after photos or personalized videos to bills, send payment reminders and receipts, as well as create and distribute special offers that recipients can readily share through social media to generate free referrals. Offered as a standalone platform, this cloud-based solutioncan be readily deployed by banks, credit unions and other partners and is a 2017 recipient of EPCOR’s prestigious David P. DeMarea Payments Innovation Award. Profit Engine, LLC, the company behind MACH1, is one of only five companies selected by NACHA as a Preferred Provider.