Title Insurance Agency Program (Multi-Bank Owned)



Once your bank is generating title insurance sales in your market, shouldn’t you be profiting from it? Kentucky Bankers Association – along with Investors Title Insurance Company – can help you join a multi-bank owned title insurance agency or help you start a single-bank agency. By owning an interest in an agency, you share in the profits from the title insurance sales.

The primary benefits of engaging in title insurance through this means are:

  • Multiple owner structure is designed to allow sharing of overhead which decreases the cost associated with policy processing and increases profitability.
  • Multiple bank-owned agencies are staffed to service the title insurance needs of its bank owners/members, as well as sell product to other sources of business. Multiple bank-owned agencies historically have received 30-65% of their business from sources other than their owners, which can dramatically impact profitability of the agency and ultimately the return to its owner banks.
  • Management of the multiple owned agencies is performed by Investors Title Management Services, Inc., which allows the banks to engage in the activity without having to be responsible for the administrative or operational management of the agency