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Compliance Forum - Louisville - January 8

Join us for our first quarterly Compliance forum. We will have a flood insurance update, lunch and a moderated roundtable with fellow compliance professionals.

FIRST EVER! Credit Conference - Louisville - January 15

As the premier event on lending and credit for financial institutions in Kentucky, the 2020 KBA Credit Conference is uniquely positioned to help bank executives tackle the challenges they will face in 2020 and beyond. This conference covers a wide range of hot topics, including an update for lenders on banking and the economy, stress testing, CRE lending, balance sheet lending, and many more relevant topics.

Training For Loan Assistants Seminar - Louisville - February 12

Attend this proactive seminar and learn how banks make lending decisions based on the five (5) C's of credit- capacity, capital, collateral, conditions, and character!

Training Credit Analyst Seminar - Louisville - February 13

This seminar covers the basics of commercial lending and is a must for all new commercial lenders and/or those individuals who want to explore this vital discipline!

Consumer Lending School - 4 Day Program - March 16 - 19 - Louisville

This school introduces the consumer lending process from the initial application to closing and documentation.