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Cash Flow Seminar - Louisville - October 29

The purpose of this program is to provide bankers with a thorough understanding of the key elements of the commercial borrower's cash flow and relate these elements to the requirements of safe and sound loan structure.

Security Seminar - Louisville - November 7

Whether it’s Cyber Risk, Robbery Response or Reputational Risk the expert team from SHAZAM will cover it in addition to Card Skimming and Cloning.

Analyzing a Business Owners Financial Information Seminar - Louisville - November 12

This seminar will focus on analyzing the small business owner's financial information to predict repayment ability and establish a framework for monitoring the borrower's financial condition during the life of the borrowing relationship.

BSA/AML Seminar - Louisville - November 19

This one-day seminar provides an up-to-date overview of your basic BSA/AML compliance responsibilities. If you're new to BSA or want a comprehensive BSA knowledge base, this is the best first program for you.

Foundations of Banking School (Formerly Essentials of Banking) December 2 - 6 in Louisville

The Foundations of Banking School (Formerly The Essentials of Banking School) curriculum “walks” the banker through the bank using the balance sheet and income statement as the guides for understanding bank profitability.