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Bond University Seminar - Louisville - February 20

After a decade of historically low rates, the bond market is finally offering attractive yield and revenue opportunities. With over 20% of Kentucky bank assets allocated to the bond portfolio, there is an incredible opportunity to improve net interest margin, ROA, ROE and efficiency ratios.

Training the Credit Analyst Seminar - Louisville - February 12 - 13 (Two-day Program)

This two-day program is designed especially for credit analysts tasked with the responsibility of underwriting the underlying credit strengths and weaknesses of business purpose loans.

Training Loan Assistants and Loan Processors Seminar - Louisville - February 14

This seminar is designed to increase the lending knowledge and administrative effectiveness of one of the most important positions in a community bank's lending staff - the loan assistant/loan processor.

KBA/PBS Regulatory Compliance School - Louisville - March 4 - 8

Come and hear from our professional, nationally recognized presenters and subject matter experts on the regulatory compliance requirements you need to know. Learn how to implement many upcoming changes or clarifications, such as to the TRID rules, HMDA implementation, Mortgage Servicing rules, BSA Customer/Member Due Diligence rules and much more!