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UCC Seminar - Louisville - October 24

This seminar will cover all aspects of Article 9, including ensuring the creation, attachment, perfection and priority of a security interest in all categories of collateral, and how to enforce your security interest in the event of default

Reviewing Loans Before Regulators Arrive - Louisville - November 14

Managing the Commercial and Consumer Loan Portfolio is paramount in order to maintain a safe and sound financial institution. The five regulatory agencies are becoming more demanding in their review of banks in light of the recent large bank failure that occurred on the west coast and the increased number of banks currently on their "Trouble Bank" list.

Essentials of Banking School - Louisville - December 4 - 8

The curriculum “walks” the banker through the bank using the balance sheet and income statement as the guides for understanding bank profitability. Several additional components have been added to the curriculum to enhance an individual’s grasp of the material and to strengthen their ability to interact and relate to their peers, employer and the organization.