Institution Membership

Qualifying Financial Institution: has deposits in the state of Kentucky.
Class A Associate Membership: available for out of state entities. Details below.

The Kentucky Bankers Association (KBA) is considered one of the strongest and most fiscally sound state banking trade associations in the country. Since 1891 the KBA has found practical and innovative ways to serve our member banks. As part of your membership, we have an extensive list of significant features and benefits! Here are just few:



Legislative Review

Hundreds of bills & resolutions are introduced every year to the Kentucky legislature. The KBA reviews every bill and resolution to determine what impact, if any, each will have on the banking industry. Based on an impact analysis, the KBA will act accordingly in the best interests of the industry, and keep you aware of each legislative process.

A Record of Success

An example of our recent legislative success is the KBA’s leadership in passing legislation that repealed the Kentucky Bank Franchise Tax, saving the Kentucky banking industry an estimated $32 million in annual state taxes.

Legislative Review

Our team tracks and reviews vital legislation that affects banks, and makes recommendations on how to communicate with your state and federal legislators.

Consulting Expertise

We make available specific consulting on various legal scenarios ranging from compliance to litigation from experienced professionals that would cost hundreds of dollars per hour. This service is always available, at no charge to your bank. Our consultative expertise is sought nationwide on key issues, and on hand for you to use when compliance and legal issues inevitably arise.

Compliance Updates

We provide several compliance updates per week; similar services cost between $2,000 and $6,000 per year. This information is tailored and made concise for Kentucky banks, so you can stay ahead of compliance changes and challenges.

Compliance Alliance

Founded in 2011, Compliance Alliance is the only banking industry compliance resource that is owned, operated and managed by 32 State Bankers Associations. Based on the needs of community bankers, Compliance Alliance provides its members an all-inclusive set of bank compliance tools and services that help them stay up-to-date with consumer and regulatory requirements.

Members of Compliance Alliance receive:
  • Access to an extensive collection of community banking compliance resources created specifically for them by industry experts.
  • A hotline for compliance-related concerns.
  • Reviews of company advertising or marketing campaigns, policies, procedures, disclosures and new products.
Compliance Alliance is the only banking compliance resource in the market today that includes all of our products and services in our annual membership fee with unlimited access to all member employees of our subscribing banks.

Regulatory Guidance

We provide, included with your membership, regulatory guidance that is updated every six months with the latest trends in enforcement actions to keep our banks at the forefront of examination preparation.


We periodically offer informative pamphlets and brochures for banks to assist with training and to provide a quick review to make sure their policies and procedures are up to date. Legal & Compliance Resources

Your membership includes access to meaningful articles and insights into developments in the banking industry.

Regulatory Interpretation

The KBA not only keeps members up to date with new regulations, but also offers interpretation, education and implementation assistance. We have three attorneys on staff to assist with regulatory and legal direction.

HR Resource

The KBA has partnered with Seay Management for human resources support that KBA members can utilize free of charge with any HR-related questions.


Much to Choose From

KBA Education Alliance provides education opportunities to thousands of member bankers each year in the form of on-line courses, live seminars and three schools (Foundations of Banking, Commercial Lending and General Banking), ensuring that every member bank’s training needs are met.

Designed for You

These trainings are specifically designed and tailored for Kentucky bankers, by Kentucky bankers.

Hot-Button Issues

New issues face our members regularly and we respond by developing seminars, conferences and other education opportunities for our membership.

Custom Offerings

If you have a topic that you think Kentucky bankers could use support on, and your employees are in need of training, we are open to suggestions on how we can give you the best curriculum possible. Contact Natalie Kaelin for more information.


Two Marquee Events

Our member banks may attend the Annual Convention and the Spring Conference, two annual marquee events that promote networking with other Kentucky bankers. These longtime events are hosted at some of the premiere locations.


At our two marquee events, bankers have the opportunity to collaborate on best practices and emerging issues, as well as catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

Annual Convention

The Annual Convention is held each year (for over 100 years!) at world-class venues with top notch speakers, events, food and entertainment.

Spring Conference

Each spring Kentucky bankers join us at the historic French Lick Resort at the annual Spring Conference to network, learn and connect at one of the region’s premiere locations.

Vendor Expos

Our two marquee events feature an expo of affiliated vendors servicing the Kentucky banking industry; many of these vendors are endorsed by the KBA, and all are selected for their expertise in their field.


Endorsed Vendors

The KBA has partnered with over 40 different vendors who provide unique services to KBA members at discounted prices. These Endorsed Vendors are put through a stringent due-diligence process; we only partner with vendors who meet the industry third-party vendor management requirements.

Title Insurance

The KBA, along with its member banks, since 2000 have opened three bank-owned started bank-owned title agencies.


Consortium of Banks

HOPE of the Midwest (HOPE) is a consortium of banks formed in 2011 with a mission to build a brighter future for low-income communities by helping to preserve or increase the supply of safe, well-built, affordable housing through flexible financing solutions. A Range of Loan Products

HOPE pools funds from a network of member banks and uses this consortium structure to provide a range of loan products to multifamily affordable housing projects throughout our region. Affordable Housing is Important

HOPE believes everyone deserves the right to have safe, decent, affordable housing. With the continuing effects of the global pandemic and the resulting economic downturn, many Americans can no longer afford to own their own home or rent market rate rental units. Rental Units Needed

Affordable rental units, financed with Federal tax credits, are in greater demand than ever in recent history. Most affordable complexes are fully occupied with waiting lists of applicants.

Zero Defaults!

HOPE has a zero-default rate; these loans are extremely low-risk offering its members great returns without jeopardizing capital.

CRA Credits

In addition to a good source of fee income with nominal associated risk, HOPE provides affordable housing tax credits and CRA credit opportunities that are otherwise difficult to find and administer.

OCCH Partnership

HOPE has a strong relationship with Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing (OCCH), a KBA Endorsed Vendor with a long history of success for your bank.


We Know Banks

The KBA owns/operates a full-service insurance agency, KenBanc Insurance Services, that provides a full portfolio of insurance coverages to banks of all sizes.

Full Range of Products

Our insurance arm allows us to offer a full range of commercial and retail insurance products using a salesforce, with decades of bank insurance experience, that specializes in the insurance needs of banks.

Association Health Plan

The KBA Benefits Trust, an Association Health Plan for KBA members, is administered through the KBA.

The Credit Life Captive Program

This program has paid out $10 million in commissions/dividends to participating member banks. Kentucky is still one of the few states that allow for generous revenue resulting from sales of credit life insurance.


Kentucky Banker Magazine

The KBA publishes a bi-monthly magazine, Kentucky Banker, with articles from KBA’s Chairman, CEO and General Counsel on important industry issues. Additionally, it has articles concerning hot topics and solutions for your bank and coverage of KBA events, and much more.

Submit an Article
Submit an article, opinion or story to Kentucky Banker. Email Josh Fischer, KBA Director of Marketing and Communications and Managing Editor of the magazine.

The KBA has a new and robust website full of information, updates, resources, registration for events and calendars, to name just a few of its features. It easily sizes to your smartphone so you can consult the full utility of the website on-the-go, as well as look up information real-time at our events.


The KBA manages an active Facebook page where banks can share their achievements, community events and employee hires and promotions.


On the KBA’s YouTube channel you will see videos ranging from community spotlights, to heartfelt features and historic overviews.


In our monthly Vendor Viewpoint Podcast we bring together Kentucky bankers and the industry’s top vendor solutions to discuss important topics that affect your bank.
*Class A Associate Membership is available to financial institutions chartered outside of Kentucky and having no Kentucky deposits.