Security Vendors

The vendors below have a special focus in offering security related products & services to the financial service industry.

KBA Vendor Solutions

SolutionHighlightsProvided by
Business Security SystemsWe create and deliver integrated security solutions.Unified TechnologiesBUSINESS SECURITY SYSTEMS
Counterfeit Detector Penspen mark identifies counterfeit paper currencyOffice DepotCOUNTERFEIT DETECTOR PENS
Currency Counter FF-1000Counterfeit Detection is a highly efficient currency counter utilizing counterfeit detection technology.UVeritech, Inc.CURRENCY COUNTER FF-1000
Deluxe Provent®Deluxe Provent®, a fully configurable suite of fraud and identity theft protection products.DeluxeDELUXE PROVENT
DocVerifyBlack Knight’s DocVerify digital document verification platform sets the standard for remote-online and in-person electronic notarizations and eSignature capabilities.Black Knight, Inc.DOCVERIFY
Extortion Cardsrecord employee emergency contactsKentucky Bankers AssociationEXTORTION CARDS
Fraud-NetOnline network of banks across the U.S., being used to share incidents of fraud and robbery.Kentucky Bankers AssociationFRAUD-NET
ID Checking Guidenationwide listing of security features to assist in identifying driver licensesDrivers License Guide CompanyID CHECKING GUIDE
ID-150 MobileCounterfeit Detection. Hardware/software platform designed to au-tomatically authenticate ID-1 doc-uments such as driver’s licenses, military ID’s, green cards and other ID-1 identity cards that people use as proof of identity.UVeritech, Inc.ID-150 MOBILE
No Hat, No Hood, No Sunglassesrobbery prevention programKentucky Bankers AssociationNO HAT, NO HOOD, NO SUNGLASSES
Notice All Weapons Prohibited On These Premiseslobby door noticeKentucky Bankers AssociationNOTICE ALL WEAPONS PROHIBITED
Notice No Photo No Videolobby door noticeKentucky Bankers AssociationNOTICE NO PHOTO NO VIDEO
SHAZAM SecureSHAZAM’s the only nationwide independent, member-owned debit network, processor and core provider supporting community banks. Visit us at SECURE
Thumbprint Signature ProgramInkless Fingerprint DeviceKentucky Bankers AssociationTHUMBPRINT SIGNATURE PROGRAM
UVeritech FF CT-550Counterfeit Detection Currency Counter. A highly efficient currency counter that automatically detects Super Dollars.UVeritech, Inc.UVERITECH FF CT-550
Uveritech FF UV-16Counterfeit Detection Unit. Tell-er Helper detects counterfeit old and new currency notes, identi-fication documents, credit cards, official checks and negotiable instruments.UVeritech, Inc.UVERITECH FF UV-16