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Seifried & Brew offers expertise in bank analytics, municipal credit analytics, and economics. S&B believes that optimizing the risk/reward relationship is key to running a top-performing bank. S&B engages banks at the board and leadership team level with customized reporting and client access.

S&B’s services are grounded in a philosophy of traditional, conservative community banking, which has enabled our nation’s economy to prosper throughout its history. These services assist bank boards and management teams in planning for the future while maintaining the integrity of their past.

S&B’s proprietary performance/risk model is the cornerstone of its bank analytics as demonstrated in its Performance Risk Report. S&B’s reports and services consider the bank’s entire decision-making environment with a sophisticated economic approach. S&B performs onsite and virtual engagements with its clients’ boards regularly and offers comprehensive strategy retreats.

The S&B Muni reports are designed to comply with regulatory guidance for municipal bond purchases and monitoring. S&B Muni is a key third-party source for understanding municipal credit risk. S&B Muni uses a consistent, quantitative approach to evaluate issuer financial statements for strength in financial management.

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