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Castle Branch complements its employment and drug screening programs with our innovative online skill testing solutions. Castle Branch Skill Testing provides employers with the tools to make informed hiring decisions, decrease employee turnover and increase efficiency.

Online skill testing has quickly become an essential component of employment screening. Our library of over 800 testing solutions allows employers to determine whether the knowledge and skills an applicant claims on a resume are accurate. It helps determine the correct placement of an applicant, and gauge their success with the company.

Skill Testing is not only useful in the hiring process; it is also a very effective tool for promotion within the company. Through skill testing, employers can gauge the level of training required to promote an employee or determine that it may be better to hire someone new to fill the position.

Web-based testing allows job applicants to take tests from any computer with an Internet connection. The company administrator chooses the tests to be administered and has the applicant take the test onsite or emails the test to the applicant. Once the test is complete, the results are emailed to the administrator.

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