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The Work Number®, provided by Equifax, is the largest commercial source of consolidated employment and income information in the United States. The Work Number® receives income and employment data from over 1.2 million employers and payroll providers each pay cycle.

As the industry-leading centralized commercial source for income and employment data in the U.S., The Work Number® helps deliver information 24/7 so you can make more informed lending decisions quickly.

To remain competitive in today’s market, you must provide efficient, digital experiences. And that requires having access to borrower information in real time, anytime. The Work Number has the trusted employment and income data you need to help be successful.

Integrating this data into your existing workstreams can help you:
  • Improve efficiency — Reduce manual processes by automating third-party income, and employment verification.
  • Provide a seamless experience — Our verifications offer instant data often without additional action from the applicant. Paperless documentation that flows directly into automated underwriting platforms can ease customer and administrative burdens.
  • Gain insights - Get a more informed view of your borrower with income and employment information Access trusted data — Receive instant access to more than 119 million active employee records contributed by over 1.2 million employers.
Streamline the origination process, reduce risk, and exceed borrower expectations along the way. Contact us to learn more.
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