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Glia is a next-generation digital communications platform for banks to connect with their customers using Messaging, Video, CoBrowsing and AI.  It is an easy-to-use, flexible platform with multiple solutions -- increase sales, delight customers, and boost efficiency! Glia helps financial institutions better connect with their customers!

Glia seamlessly delivers a complete set of modern digital interaction and digital communication options to existing websites, web portals and mobile apps.  Implementing the Glia platform helps banks balance the convenience and efficiency of online self service applications with just the right amount of human interactivity in a  way that's familiar to today's consumers. Banks are using the Glia platform to transform their online customer experience.  As a result, they are seeing vastly higher online sales conversion ratios, higher customer satisfaction scores and improved customer service efficiencies. 

Typical Banking Use-Cases

Glia's customers derive value in a number of ways.  Here are some:

  • Increased Online Sales - increase application throughput by guiding customers through online applications and calculators
  • Servicing Efficiency - Service customers faster and more conveniently by providing service reps with instant visual context into a customer's online session
  • Deeper Customer Relationships - enrich relationships by using Glia's video and other digital communication channels 

Three Core Solutions to Drive Business Value 

Enhance Phone Interactions: 70% of today's phone callers are at or near a screen.  With Glia's phone-centric solution, sales and service reps can tie offline phone calls to a customer's active web session and then use Live Browser Sesison Observation, CoBrowsing, Video, and Screen Sharing capabilities to drive the ideal customer experience.  On average, this solution reduced AHT by 18% while improving the overall Customer Satisfaction by 20%.

Enhance Web Interactions: For website, web portal or mobile app visitors, Glia's digital-centric solution enables customers to seamlessly select how and when they want to communicate with sales and servicing reps.  Start with a chatbot, upgrade to a live chat agent then upgrade again to voice, CoBrowsing or Video all with no downloads, plug-ins or installs.

Automate Service Responses: Automate answers to your simpler customer inquiries which frees sales/service reps to handle higher-value and more complex customer scenarios.  Glia's Conversational AI interface can power chatbots or be used to automatically suggest best-practices responses to your servicing reps.

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