Financial Institution Directors' Liabilities & Responsibilities


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Updated And Revised to include initial provisions of Dodd-Frank Comprehensive Discussion of Directors' Common, Statutory and Criminal Liability The objective of these materials is to highlight the basic responsibilities of financial institution directors, regardless of individual background, knowledge of finance and banking, and/or level of day-to-day participation in the oversight of the financial institution, in order to assist in the successful direction and supervision of the financial institution’s activities. These materials also heighten awareness of the need for directors to set the “tone at the top” of the organization, and to create an operating culture which recognizes the importance of compliance with laws and regulations, ethical behavior, risk identification and management, communication and transparency.

Topics Covered
  • Dealing with Troubled Institutions; Surviving Regulatory Enforcement Actions
  • Board Executive Session
  • Choice of Charters
  • Risk Management
  • Disclosing Examination Matters and Proceedings
  • Bank Advisory Boards
  • Shareholder Management
  • Who is My Constituency?
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