IRA Essentials - Louisville

If you are not a KBA member, please contact Jamie Hampton at or 502-736-1278 for the possibility of attending at a non-member rate.

IRA Essentials gives attendees a solid foundation of IRA knowledge. Exercises are included throughout the day to help participants apply information to job-related situations. Attendees will leave this session able to work with IRA owners and process basic IRA transactions with confidence. This is a beginner’s session; no previous IRA knowledge is assumed. Attendees should bring a hand-held calculator.

Introduction and Establishing IRAs
•   Identify the tax advantages of Traditional and Roth IRAs

•   Summarize the IRA opening document requirements

•   Explain the difference between primary and contingent beneficiaries

IRA Funding
•   Compare and contrast Traditional and Roth IRA eligibility requirements

•   Explain the regular contribution limit

•   Distinguish the regular contribution deadline

•   State the rules for prior-year contributions

•   Discuss the regular contribution reporting deadlines

IRA Distributions
•   Identify federal income tax withholding requirements

•   Recognize the exceptions to the early distribution penalty tax

•   Summarize the tax consequences of Traditional and Roth IRA distributions

•   Define a required minimum distribution (RMD) and the required beginning date (RBD)

•   Discuss the distribution reporting deadlines

IRA Portability
•   Differentiate between a rollover and a transfer

•   Distinguish between direct and indirect rollovers between IRAs and employer-sponsored retirement plans

Who Should Attend

You should attend this seminar if you

•   need to learn the basics of Traditional and Roth IRAs or

•   want an updated, general refresher on IRA rules.

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Unified Technologies 11500 Blankenbaker Access Drive Louisville, KY
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