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46Solutions is a business technology company, serving banks and financial institutions to meet their IT needs, regulatory compliance, and required security standards. 46Solutions also provides covered entities and business associates with the training and resources to legally use and disclose personally identifiable information (PII).

Services include:
  • Managed IT Solutions - 24/7 IT help desk, proactive health monitoring, computer updating and patching.
  • Cybersecurity - 24/7 data protection, threat protection, security risk assessment, IT auditing, compliance reviews.
  • Phone Systems - Cloud-based, VoIP phone systems, cloud0based apps, softphone programs.
  • Cloud Services - Synced and shared online files to collaborate across multiple devices and platforms.
  • Network Consulting - Infrastructure build-out, remodel, optimization.
  • Corporate Audio/Video - Conference room set up and automation, digital signage and displays, and presentation systems.
As an employee-owned company, the 46Solutions team has a personal stake in the business, motivating them to serve customers better and go the extra mile. The firm is involved in the local community, with several team members on various boards of non-profit organizations. One of the firm’s principles is servant leadership, which means the company’s leadership serves primarily on the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible.


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Crystal Newton
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