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UVeritech is a leading supplier of loss prevention equipment used by a variety of large and small businesses, ranging from multinational retailers to mom and pop stores, major banks to local credit unions, and a broad selection of other users, including law enforcement, US customs, casinos, equipment rental agencies, and so on. We feature a line of high-quality ultraviolet scanners designed for the detection of counterfeit cash, credit cards, money orders, traveler's checks, passports, and other valuable documents. We are the only company in the United States that focuses specifically on the ultraviolet equipment market for the loss prevention industry. Our principals and affiliates have been involved with law enforcement, security and counterfeit detection issues since 1962 and our clients include national banks, credit card companies and international retail chains. UVeritech manufactures its own products and has been constantly involved in the process of product evolution. Our extensive experience dealing with large national clients has enabled us to perform the research and development necessary to create high-quality, reliable equipment for our customers at an affordable price.

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