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Agent Card Program


TIB is a leader in helping community banks compete and win in the ultra-competitive Card Services arena. Consider:

  1. Preferred By Community Bankers. One in every five community banks in America relies upon TIB for one or more aspect of their Card Services offering. It is one reason that TIB is the largest and most trusted bankers' bank in the country.
  2. Your Name & Brand. TIB’s Agent Card Program provides community banks with a range of competitive Credit Card products you can offer your customers and that can be branded with your bank’s name and logo.
  3. No Risk. TIB's Agent Card Program eliminates your risk. They service the credit and you collect your portion of the proceeds.
  4. Rewards Program. TIB’s attractive Rewards Program is one of the most generous and flexible in the marketplace.
  5. Stay Involved. TIB keeps you involved in the approval process. If a customer does not meet the approval standards, TIB will always contact you and try to work out a positive outcome for you and your valuable customer.
  6. Your Partner. Never A Competitor. Unlike so many other providers, correspondent banking is TIB’s only business. That means TIB will never cross-sell or compete for your customer.

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